Water Quality Online


Newest processor technology and very flexible options for interfacing to SCADA or any central database systems makes the con::cube in combination with moni::tool a powerful terminal for compact station control. The extended input options (e.g. also SDI12 interface) for almost any sensor, analyser and other analogue or digital I/Os result in a very comprehensive way of signal monitoring, processing and data management. Due to its low power consumption this terminal fits the requirments for the operation in remote installations powered by solar panels.

s::can is the only firm in the world that has given its heart and soul to online water quality monitoring. Since our foundation 10 years ago, nothing else has come out of our development department, nothing else has come out of our production sites.
Today our product range covers an absolutely state of the art measuring instrument for each individual parameter for typical applications in the areas of water, waste water, environmental monitoring, and industrial applications. Whether it is a simple pH sensor or a complex spectral probe, s::can measuring instruments are intelligent and compatible with each other in s::can systems and with third-party systems.
Organically developed, constantly tried and tested, and often proven: Optical works best. It doesn‘t matter whether it is COD, TOC, N03, N02, TSS, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, or many others besides. Whenever an optical method is available, we use it; when not, we develop one. Optical methods are the most reliable, the simplest, have the lowest cost, and, above all, they are usually the most accurate. If ever a measurement is impossible by optical methods, then we just use the best alternative method that comes closest to our focus. We are proud of having created all this in less than 10 years and also to have set new standards in water monitoring along the way. For example, in 2000 when we brought our first spectro::lyser™ to the market we established online UV spectrometry in sensor format in the marketplace years ahead of the competition. Today, with well over 2000 systems sold, we are the undisputed global market leader in this segment and can continue to call ourselves the technological leader.