Enhancing Water Quality in Pulp and Paper Operations with Hydroquo+

Pulp and paper operations play a vital role in numerous industries, from publishing and packaging to textiles and construction. These operations heavily rely on the efficient functioning of boilers to maintain consistent production. However, boiler downtime due to water quality issues can disrupt operations and lead to substantial financial losses. To mitigate such risks, automation and advanced water quality monitoring solutions become crucial.

Modular Hardware

This strategic placement enables operators to gain real-time insights and streamline their monitoring process.

Interoperable Setup

This eliminates data silos and facilitates data sharing across different systems, enabling a holistic view of water quality.

Parameter Monitoring

This comprehensive monitoring ensures that water quality remains within desired thresholds.

Increased Efficiency

Hydroquo+ enables pulp and paper companies to optimize water consumption, leading to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

Real-time Problem Solving

Hydroquo+ provides operators with accurate, real-time data on water quality, facilitating proactive problem-solving

Cost Savings

The adoption of Hydroquo+ eliminates the need for third-party laboratory testing, resulting in cost savings.

Improving Uptime and Production Capacity

A Fortune 500 pulp and paper company faced challenges in meeting production goals due to frequent boiler downtime caused by water quality issues. To address this, the company deployed Hydroquo+ to monitor water in their mill tank, boiler, and process water.

The results were remarkable, with a 15% increase in the rate of return achieved through more predictable uptime. Hydroquo+ enabled the company to detect and address water quality concerns promptly, preventing unscheduled shutdowns and maximizing production capacity.

In conclusion, water quality is of utmost importance in the pulp and paper industry, especially concerning boiler operations. To achieve optimal water quality, streamline processes, and ensure predictable production capacity, pulp and paper companies are turning to Hydroquo+. Its advanced digital water technology, modular hardware, and automated monitoring capabilities help optimize water consumption, protect equipment, and reduce operational costs. By embracing automation and implementing a proactive approach to water quality management, pulp and paper operations can achieve greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.