Transforming Water Quality Management for Energy Companies

In the intricate landscape of energy production, where regulatory adherence and environmental stewardship are of paramount importance, Hydroquo+ emerges as a revolutionary solution. With its innovative approach to automating water quality testing, Hydroquo+ empowers energy companies to seamlessly monitor water quality across all stages of water usage, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations while minimizing manual labor and third-party lab costs.

The case study highlights a coal-powered plant’s utilization of Hydroquo+ to monitor and treat effluent discharge throughout the day, ensuring compliance with coal-ash remediation mandates. Hydroquo+’s real-time capabilities play a crucial role in achieving water safety and compliance, setting a precedent for effective water quality management.

Addressing potential contamination in real-time becomes effortless with Hydroquo+’s threshold alerts. Operators can promptly respond to parameter spikes, preventing potential downtime and contamination risks \

By automating testing processes, Hydroquo+ eliminates the need for on-site manual sampling and costly third-party lab analyses, leading to significant reductions in labor costs.

Hydroquo+ offers the capability to test more than 30 parameters, encompassing heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, environmental factors, inorganics, and more, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of water quality.