Environmental Monitoring

i::scan is the world's first digital nutrient measuring device.

The i::scan is an innovative measuring device which has been developed to measure water quality in all types of pipes. It is equipped with LED technology which can be mounted directly in a mains pipe/pressure pipe. The i::scan measures the turbidity of the water and gives a reading within seconds. The measuring unit is located on the outside of the pipe so that it can be easily accessed for cleaning or repair work.

i::scan Measures is a powerful, easy-to-use water quality measurement tool that combines technology and science to provide you with comprehensive, accurate, and reliable data. i::scan Measures can be used for different purposes such as monitoring water quality, wastewater treatment plants, and rivers.


Low energy consumption

No moving parts

Very accurate measurements

i::scan is a new measuring device for the rapid determination of nutrients in water. The device uses a patented technology to measure UV254, COD and BOD. The measurement principle is based on the photometric detection of microorganisms in water samples with a LED light source.

Our product is a new measuring device for nutrients, which combines the functions of measuring UV254, COD, BOD and NTU. The device can be mounted directly in a mains pipe or pressure pipe.

The device has an integrated LED light source and a photoelectric sensor. The measuring principle is based on the absorption of light by the colored compounds in the water.

We believe that the future belongs to smart technology that can simplify this process. That’s why we have developed I::scan. With this device you can measure the most important parameters in your wastewater treatment plant in just 2 minutes!