Solutions as a Service

In today’s challenging landscape, water and sanitation organizations face increasing obstacles, particularly when it comes to limited capital expenditure funding. However, Hydroquo+ is here to make their job easier. We specialize in building, hosting, and offering a suite of basic, easy-to-use water digital services on the internet that streamline processes and enhance efficiency, all while keeping operating expenses affordable and reducing the need for additional hardware and software licenses.

Our specialized online applications seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure, enabling managers to adapt to the new requirements of the water industry and environmental legislation. By subscribing to our services, you’ll avoid the long-term investment in maintenance, upgrades, security, and license fees associated with on-premise solutions. This, in turn, frees up your IT department to focus on other critical tasks. With Hydroquo+, you only need to pay an annual subscription to access these services.

One example of our comprehensive offerings is the Sewer Overflow Service. Designed to facilitate compliance with environmental regulatory obligations, this end-to-end solution covers everything from the installation of sensors and IoT units at combined sewer overflow (CSO) points to communications, access to data, and ongoing maintenance. We take care of all aspects, including replacements and repairs.

Implementing our low learning curve solution takes just a matter of weeks, bringing your data within a click’s reach. Our robust IoT units, featuring autonomous power supply and a wireless communication system, are specifically designed to collect quantity and quality parameters of CSOs, uploading the data to the cloud. Our service platform takes care of data acquisition, processing, storage, visualization, alarms, data validation, and reporting, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

With Hydroquo+, you can reduce your initial investment and pay only for what you use. You have the flexibility to add or cancel units based on your needs and access the service from anywhere through our 24×7 available service platform. Our solutions are fully customizable to meet your specific requirements, and we can start with a minimum viable product tailored to your needs. By incrementally improving the system, you can mitigate risks and seamlessly scale the service to adapt to changing requirements.