Water Level Radar

The radar sensor is vandalism secure as its design does not attract attention, which makes it ideal for use at public places like docks, marinas or jetties. 

The sensor can be used in outdoor environments as well as indoor locations, because it is maintenance free and operates independently of environmental influences such as temperature and pressure. The compact design makes integration into existing systems easy. Vandalism secure as design does not attract attention.

The so-called pulse procedure sends a short microwave impulse to the water surface. Afterward, the sensor remains in standby for a short time. Within this time the water reflects the pulses to the integrated evaluation system. The run time of the impulses corresponds directly to the distance to the current surface water level.


Near blanking zone 0.5 m

Easy integration in existing systems

High accuracy +/-2 mm

The radar sensor is maintenance-free and operates independently of environmental influences such as dirt, ice, or snow on top of it. It has been designed in such a way that it does not attract attention and therefore can be installed in any location where there is a need for an accurate measurement of surface water levels. The operation of this device is based on radar technology and therefore has no moving parts and no calibration required.

The RL-15 / RL-35 is a contact-free radar sensor to measure the water level. It can be used for all types of liquids, such as fresh or salt water, cooling water and sewage etc. The measurement range is from 15 m up to 35 m with a measuring accuracy of +/- 2 mm. 

The RL-15 / RL-35 can be integrated into existing systems without any changes. The compact design allows easy integration into existing systems. The maintenance-free sensor has no moving parts to wear out or cause maintenance headaches over time.