H+S:CAN sensors measure Turbidity, ORP, TOC, DOC, etc 10+ parameters and other variables to help you understand water quality up to the level of accuracy of expensive and time-consuming lab tests, in real-time.


Water Data-As-A-Service

Hydroquo+’s transformative enterprise focused model is re-imagining the way organization gather, share and interpret data by accessing data on demand.  DaaS enables users to only pay for the final analytics they wish to receive instead of purchasing and maintaining the equipment themselves. This  allows our clients to outsource KPI’s for data collection, delivery and verification further making it easier to forecast budget expenses and plan ahead.  

Unlimited Licenses:  Interoperability of services over the web, cloud and related platform for direct access.

Quality Data Focused: The quality of data focused on drives the future decisions.

Data Governance:  Frictionless governance of information cycle for auditing features which is a critical success factor to long-term growth and sustainability of data services across the organization. 

Q: How do you build your hardware? Do you manufacture your systems in-house?

A: Manufactured in Europe industrial facility and assembled in Bangladesh. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: On a case-to-case basis based on regional specifications.

Q: How many parameters do you test for?

A: Can test for over 20 different parameters including environmental, heavy metals, nutrients, organics, and inorganics.

Q: How accurate are the results?

A: It delivers real-time, accurate feedback across numerous parameters — within +/-10% accuracy of certified lab results.

Q: Is the Solution Approved?

A: TUV, ISO, and Attestation Conformity Sanitation by French Ministry health.

Q: Does the Platform come with pre-configured Analytics and Reporting?

A: Yes! There are pre-configured reports.

Q: Is the Platform interoperable? Can I connect other data sources to the Platform?

A: Yes! The platform is interoperable with SCADA Systems and also leverages publicly available data.

Q: Where is it currently, deployed?

A: The solution is deployed for Agriculture, Industrial, and Municipal applications in several countries internationally.

Q: How much does the Solution cost?

A: No CAPEX is required. There is a monthly fee for the solution and it includes hardware, software, connectivity, reporting, alerts, and predictive analytics.