Fluidit Hydraulic Modelling

Model, analyze and optimize your water supply system from the deepest of wells to the furthest of water consumers. A model-based analysis solution for all the needs of the water supply system network and operations design.

Fluidit Sewer


Design, simulate and visualize your complex sewer systems in a breeze. Develop plans and functional design of sewer systems, pumping transmission lines and gravitational pipelines, and carry out simultaneous pumping optimization.

Fluidit Storm

Analyze and understand the impacts of urbanization on catchments, stormwater systems and the environment. Simulate urban 2D flooding in a snap and develop catchment-wide green infrastructure concepts. Streamline your design process by using integrated height models, background maps and powerful visualizations.


Fluidit Heat


Revolutionary district energy system simulator. Design, operate and analyze complex district heating and cooling systems as Digital Twins. Extremely fast simulation engine and intuitive user interface enable powerful data analysis for making insightful decisions on your valuable assets.