Asia is the world’s most water-stressed continent. While home to more than half of the world’s inhabitants, Asia has less freshwater available per capita than anywhere else. Population growth, particularly in low-lying coastal cities, threatens already vulnerable supplies. At the same time, too much water poses new risks. Since 2000, flood-related disasters have more than doubled globally with over 80 percent of people affected living in Asia.

As the COP26 summit unfolds this week, the region’s decision-makers are acknowledging that its water resource challenges are inextricably linked to climate disruption. Solutions are not only needed to help mitigate today’s water-related climate impacts.

They are also required to position the water and wastewater solutions of tomorrow on a new path towards decarbonization and resource recovery. Selected from a field of 100+ applicants from 23 countries, the twelve water tech startups in Imagine H2O Asia Cohort 3 give us hope by boldly challenging the water management status quo.

From environmentally-friendly drinking water disinfection to energy-efficient wastewater treatment and reuse to biodegradable polymers for water-saving irrigation, each company represents an innovative and sustainable approach to reusing and recycling more, wasting less, mitigating pollution, and boosting access and equity.

As a bridge for global solutions to the region, Imagine H2O Asia’s mission aims to also foster entrepreneurship locally across South and Southeast Asia. Cohort 3 is Imagine H2O Asia’s most geographically diverse cohort yet, with 10/12 companies based in five countries in the Asia-Pacific.

By partnering with Imagine H2O Asia and key supporters Enterprise SingaporeSUEZKuritaXylem and PUB Singapore, Cohort 3 companies will receive tailored, in-country support to pilot and deploy these solutions across the Asia-Pacific. This includes an expanded program with new utility and industrial partners, additional pilot funding and wider regional connectivity including Demo Day at Singapore International Water Week 2022.

Introducing Imagine H2O Asia’s Cohort 3

Thank you to all our applicants and congratulations to the twelve finalists.

WI.Plat (South Korea)

Network & NRW Management (Software, Automation & Analytics)

Cost-effective, cloud-based leak detection platform for water distribution networks with proprietary IOT-enabled acoustic sensors and AI-powered decision making dashboard.

WEGoT Utility Solutions (India)

Water Efficiency & Conservation (Real Estate & Facilities Management)

Ultrasonic smart meter and online water management platform for buildings to track consumption and identify leaks, saving 3 billion litres of water to date across 40k homes and 40M sqft of commercial real estate.

Typhon Treatment Systems (United Kingdom)

Drinking Water (Disinfection & AOP)

First-of-its-kind UV-LED reactor design for high-efficiency, low-maintenance and uninterrupted mercury-free disinfection at high flowrates for municipal treatment facilities.

TracWater (Australia)

Water Quality (Real-Time Testing & Monitoring)

Self-powered, weatherproof real-time water quality robots for physical and chemical water quality measurements with hassle-free installation and maintenance currently covering a network of 3,500 km.

PureActive Water (Singapore)

Drinking Water (Disinfection & AOP)

Long-lasting chemical-free disinfection system that produces less sub-products and efficiently generates oxidants at one-tenth the concentration compared to chlorine disinfection, eliminating biofilm and preventing recontamination.