Smart Water Solutions

Online monitoring of drinking water networks

Management of the risks that drinking water networks are exposed to is the focus of our smart water solutions. We collaborate with water suppliers to provide real-time drinking water monitoring systems and help mitigate those risks.

Our pipe monitoring equipment and bespoke software solutions are easy to use and operate. The optical technology used provides accurate, reliable, and stable measurements and is perfectly suited for automated monitoring of water distribution networks of any size. The event detection analysis tool identifies unknown and unusual conditions and enables operators to react in a timely manner to faults in the monitored system, and triggering an alarm when a significant deviation from normal conditions is detected. Hydroquo+ products are currently used to monitor contaminant levels, issue real-time alerts, feed into control systems, and provide historical data suitable for longer-term analyses.

Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for automated monitoring of large water distribution networks with a focus on water protection and security. As Hydroquo+ products are very sensitive to detect any contamination in real-time, they are especially suitable for control systems and enable a quick response.

Event Detection System: analysis tool identifies unknown and unusual conditions and enables operators to react in a timely manner to faults in the monitored system, determines the normality of this data, and triggers an alarm when a significant deviation from the norm is detected.

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 Monitoring of raw water and intake

Spring monitoring

Monitoring, operation and control of the treatment plant

Monitoring of distribution network

Waste Water Monitoring

Applications from water intake to tap

The main goal of collecting and treating various waste waters is the reduction of the pollutant load released into natural waters. This task has to fulfill various guidelines that are defined in official emission and immission regulations.

A further goal is to keep the costs associated with waste water collection and treatment as low as possible. Because of the continuous efforts to improve the quality of natural waters and the permanent efforts to optimize the efficiency of waste water treatment, the requirements for process technology and for quality control of emissions are ever increasing.

Therefore, reliable monitoring stations that provide continuous data in real time are an essential component in waste water treatment – both for the dynamic process control as well as for continuous monitoring of the discharged water.

In management of municipal as well as industrial waste waters, Hydroquo monitoring stations have been in use for many years. Their technological and methodological quality standards have set new boundaries in regards to measurement performance and have often opened up completely new opportunities for wastewater treatment.

Monitoring of municipal and industrial waste water & sewer monitoring

Monitoring of WWTP influent

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Optimisation of aeration & process optimisation

Monitoring of WWTP effluent